Miss Marilyn made me feel 20 years old again!”

“Miss Marilyn was gifted the name ‘Temptation’ for which Madeline assured me was the most appropriate moniker. Laying my eyes on Marilyn it was proven instantly to be true. Sultry, seductive, slim, with bountiful curves slipping out of lace lingerie, she lit an immediate fire inside of me. Soft yet sassy in her approach, you may want to devour her without hesitation but a slow build is what was called for on this day. Physical descriptions are almost unnecessary as she proudly shows off in her recent photos the gifts she has been blessed with. It is for privacy alone that I assume Marilyn keeps her face hidden (as does Madeline). There is absolutely no reason to hide beyond that, as Marilyn’s doe eyes and perfectly pouty lips make her a head turner in any environment. To put it simply, they are both searing hot and any person would be lucky to share their company. 
Conversation was friendly and light with two sweet and bright young women. I could imagine both would make superb dinner and overnight dates as an exploration of their minds would be as satisfying as an exploration of their bodies. Watching them sample the sweets I delivered brought attention to their lithe fingers and full lips. It wasn’t long before we were tasting each others sweetness. One thing I love about a Duo is the contrasting styles. No two kisses are the same, each woman has her own style and sensitivities. It is my absolute privilege to explore each and a joy to try and keep up with both. Now I was not the only one exploring as kisses for me soon became a kiss between them, with me as the amused and aroused voyeur. The twitter posts are not a facade, these two women genuinely enjoy each others company. If a satisfied gentleman means one who immediately asks for a return date, that is me. If a satisfied gentleman means one who day dreams about a whole week with these two women, not only an hour, then that is me. Class, Elegance, Intelligence stirred in a simmering pot of Lip-biting, Filthy, Fun. Last moral of this tale…. If all of this sounds delectable to you, have dinner AND dessert with Madeline and Marilyn.” -email (In regards to a duo with Madeline Swann) “She is very attractive and beautiful, I would consider her as one of the prettiest SPs I’ve seen this year. She is young and cute looking teenage type of girl with light brown long hair. She worn a very sexy high neck lace one piece pink lingerie which show how prefect, curvy and sexy her body is. We then sat on the couch next to the windows with all the natural lights shined on her face and started chatting (great that the couch isn’t too big so we can sat very close to each other ), many times during our conversation I was impolitely drifted off because of her gorgeous face and her magnetic smiles and sometimes by her wicked natural body and her cleavage too..ah sorry Marilyn, this is so inappropriate!! Although this is our first meet I found she is very kind, considerate and sweet with bubbly personality, which possibly the reason why she looks so bright and healthy and always has great smiles on her face… WOW! She just is a pure “beautiful inside and out”. -terb

“This is why I hobby – to open the door and find a gorgeous, sexy babe just dying to f*ck me. Or something like that. Anyway, I posted looking for a recommendation for a very pretty SP, and I lucked out with Marilyn. She is gorgeous to me (and of course I have the best taste around) and a bonus was that she was the spitting image of a girl I know (and would love to bang, if she wasn’t off limits and 30 years younger). So that fantasy was good. But, she was just as listed in her stats, a slim, young-looking 20 year old with just fabulous young, firm, D-sized tits. Photos on the site don’t do her justice. She came in wearing a simple summer dress with no bra, and it was just sumptuous feeling her luscious boobs through the thin cloth. Very sexy.” -terb

“Thanks so much for your time this afternoon. I cannot articulate how outstanding my experience was. You were both way more beautiful than I imagined possible! Although the time we shared was relatively short I really enjoyed getting to know both of you and it was very difficult to leave afterwards. I am really impressed with how respectful, thoughtful, considerate, and smart you both are. I won’t easily forget our time together.” (In regards to duo with Nadia Zanaughti) -email

“My girlfriend and I had been entertaining the idea of introducing another woman into our behind the doors fun for a very long time. After a long process of reading up on how this avenue works and understanding, we both came to the choice of Miss Carly Wilde (now Miss Marilyn). Physically she exceeded our imagination. She takes care of herself in every awesome way. But more importantly than even her beautiful face and incredible body is her presence. My girlfriend was nervous with fears and concerns to which we were willing to cancel if she didn’t want to pursue this fantasy but she insisted we at least meet her and get a feel of who she is. Upon meeting, Carly (Marilyn) put both our nerves to ease with brains and wisdom beyond her years. Soft spoken and articulate this woman is one hell of a total package. So much so that my girlfriend is already playing with the idea of meeting Carly (Marilyn) again. Carly Wilde (Miss Marilyn) has provided us with an adventure that will be etched in our minds for many times to come.” (In regards to a couple call) -email

“Greeted by Carly, if you like her pictures, you would not be disappointed. Short small chat and I rushed to the shower as I do not wish to waste anymore time outside the bedroom..As I step into the bedroom, Carly was ready and waiting, few lit candles, her custom music playlist, the smell of her body, transformed the room into a very erotic atmosphere.” -the erotic review

” If you’ve got a Lolita thing, then Carly(Marilyn) is absolutely positively your girl. She’s great – enthusiastic, gorgeous, sweet!
Carly’s(Marilyn’s) kind of 20 looks younger, and her youth and beauty are positively shiny. Gorgeous girl. I was worried about it when she walked in, but we managed to have a fun conversation and make each other laugh. When we moved to the other room, she became sweet and gently sensuous. And when the clothes came off, holy cow. Seriously. Think Jennifer Connelly in Career Opportunities, with different yet straight-up-phenomenal breasts. Curves, but without an ounce of unnecessary anything. Did I mention her breasts are unbelievable? Just wow. They almost defy physics.” -terb

What an absolutely wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Thank you for making me sit and chat and settle down. And it was an interesting chat.
Thank you for letting things unfold slowly and gently. Thank you for being so lovely on the outside and on the inside.” -email