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My escort journal

London has always been my dream city. It’s a beautiful place full of golden opportunities, and after getting done with my college education, I needed something that would make me feel alive. I was always fascinated about being a strip dancer, which I thought was quite sexy until I saw an ad on an escort agency looking for ladies that fit my profile. I thought about it for a day or two and decided to try my luck, and little did I know that I was one of the shortlisted people who would start working with the agency. I want to share a journal I have kept for myself about my escort escapades and am honored to do so.

January 14th, 2019

It’s not my first day at the escort agency but today was a day to remember. I never thought that I would meet a gentleman like he who requested my services today in my life. He was well built, full of muscles, and a perfect jawline from the photos he sent me. All he wanted was a beautiful lady to spend time with him on a yacht and get a sensational massage, which I am quite a pro at. The thought of being on a yacht was quite fascinating, and all I could think about is which bikini I should pick for the day. We met at Bayswater Marina, which is only walking distance from my place. However, I needed to be dressed up for the occasion, and he had his chauffer coming to pick me up at a place I was comfortable with. I wore. Once his driver arrived at a dinner where I had sent him my pin location, I was quite impressed by the fine stitching in the Mercedes, and at this moment, I was quite bubbly about my day.

On arrival, I found the gentleman on the yacht’s deck sipping on some, which was quite classy and a turn on to me. We set for sail and had a good chat, and he really got into my head about how life has been fortunate for him. However, he had some troubling issues, which he only shared in bits, and I was there to sooth him out. He asked one of his yacht crew staff to get him a robe and massage oil, and we headed to a private room, which was his haven. The stylish finishing in it was a compete to turn on, and I was quite impressed. He treated me like a goddess, and all this time, I couldn’t help but notice how hard his meat was from the boxers he wore. He strip naked and lay on a massage bed in his room and asked me to be gentle on him for some rejuvenation. I gently massaged his body erotically, and I could feel how hard he’s breathing was at the moment. As I was massaging him………. that’s a story for another day, but I can confess he was a beast with my body and paid me extra for the service.

April 30th, 2019

My journal is only for memorable and exclusive dates. Today I met a couple that needed a threesome with no strings attached, which I certainly found as a wild though and totally a go for the idea. I have never banged a couple together, and this being my first, I certainly was going to get nasty and freaky with it. We met in a hotel room that they had paid for the night, and I couldn’t help but notice the beauty in the lady. She was curvy, had blue eyes, and her bursty voice was a complete orgasm for me. Inside my long trench, all I had was bra on with no panties because today was just not the day. Fortunately or unfortunately, the guy got held up at work, and it was just her and me. She set some good music and mood for the day, and I couldn’t help it after a few shots of vodka. I kissed her, and her soft lips on mine were just what I needed for the day. We were all over each other and tossed and turned as we moaned, making love. I got down on her cochie, and her hard breathing as her hands were in my hair was a moment I can never forget. I licked it till she had multiple orgasms and would later return the favor. Her tongue game was on point, and ………….. enough with me to attend to my next client who just paid!!

How I Helped a Guy Get over a Breakup?

“It takes more than good sex to be a professional escort.” Similar to everyone else, I too had always questioned this saying and believed that the only way to be a skilled escort is to perfect your skills in bed. Well, this was before I met this great guy that had been heavily heartbroken.

On this ordinary Friday, I was just about to leave a massage parlour in Central London when I got a text from a lad that wanted to meet. As I usually do, I asked for his name and how he got my number. He introduced himself and explained that he got my contact from our escort agency. After confirming that he was serious, he proceeded to ask if we could meet right away. Because I had nothing on my schedule, I agreed.

Fortunately, he was also in Central London and invited me for an evening drink. Without wasting any time, I took a cab and headed for the bar. Upon entrance, he recognized me immediately because had already seen my pictures from the directory.

He was fairly built, well-kept, and handsome. He was a gentleman and very polite. As we got to know each other, he told me that he wanted a companion for the night. As we sipped on some cocktails, we talked about so many things. After an hour or two, we were drunk and decided to head to his place.

Immediately after opening the door, we were all over each other and started undressing as we headed upstairs. When we got to bed, I could feel him pulling away. And he went from hot to clod in seconds. As I was recollecting myself trying to figure out what was happening, the guy began crying. I didn’t know what to do so I went to the bathroom to take some tissues for him.

When I came back, I asked what’s wrong and that’s when I learnt that he was still not over his heartbreak. He told me that his fiancé cheated on him two and a half years ago. And ever since, he had never gotten closure, and neither had he ever been with a woman. That was an awfully long time for someone to be alone.

Having gone through what he had, I understood the importance of getting closure. And at 1 in the morning, I was able to convince him to call his ex and put an end to his torture. We called her and she made him understand why things could never work. And to my surprise, he cheered up and brought some wine for us. We drank all night as we talked about our failed love lives.

The next morning as I was about to leave, I could see a changed person. He had this smile of contentment on his face. He even offered to make me breakfast but as London escorts, we always prefer to keep things professional that’s why I left. To date, he is one of my favorite clients and am always looking forward to spending quality time with him.

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